Podcast newsphotography (In dutch)

Marieke van der Velden and Philip Brink won the Prize for Storytelling with their series Children of the Labyrinth.

Every day we are inundated with news photos. They show us what has happened in the world, but they also show us many things that have not happened. At school, we learn to read comprehensively, but this episode of Gooi Museum Treasures is a plea for reading comprehensively. That is precisely why Museum Hilversum collects news photography. Caspar Stalenhoef talks about this with Marc Prüst in the podcast that you can listen to in its entirety below.

The photos discussed can be viewed in the Collection Portal here:

- Pim Fortuyn and Ad Melkert on March 6, 2002, taken by Marcel Antonisse;

- Care worker at the beginning of the corona crisis, April 11, 2020, taken by Jiri Büller;

- Sigrid Kaag dancing on the table, March 17, 2021, created by Martijn Beekman.

Gooi Museum Treasures is a program by Gooi & Vecht regional curator Laura Grijns and is made possible with support from the Province of North Holland. Podcast production: Caspar Stalenhoef. Music: "Borough," "Mosic" and "Palms Down" by Blue Dot Sessions.